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CMS connectors

Integrating your content management system with our workflow

CLS can connect with your content management systems, creating efficient automated translation processes.

With CLS Argus, the integration of your content and document management systems with our workflow system improves accuracy and speeds up processes.

In addition, CLS offers system integration services to connect your content directly to our translation workflow, ensuring secure exchange between your infrastructure and our system environment.

With CLS CMS connectors, your benefits include:

  • Integrate translation workflow into your CMS workflow
  • Publish multilingual publications in all languages simultaneously
  • Use of translation memories
  • Integrate almost all off-the-shelf CMS/DMS
  • Ten years’ tried-and-tested implementation

Additional features include:

  • Live file status tracking
  • Automated content retrieval and processing
  • No software installation required
  • Reduced transaction costs and faster turnaround times

Contact us to discuss your CMS connectivity requirements