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It’s big, it’s tricky, and I need it now!

No translation job too big!

A business translation project can be defined according to three categories: volume, complexity and deadline:

  • Some projects are truly vast in volume - sometimes thousands of pages.
  • Others are complicated by the fact they are made up of many different files, each with its own unique aspects, size, formatting or even language.
  • And then we have deadlines; often we need things done right now.

If a job combines intensity in two of these categories, or even all three, then it’s game on for CLS Communication! No matter what the circumstances, we are ready to tackle the job.

We relish a challenge

With experienced teams of translation specialists in offices across the globe and an infrastructure second to none, we like to test ourselves against the most outrageous volume, deadline and complexity combinations. And with each such challenge met, our clients are more satisfied and we gain in expertise and experience.

Translation solutions in a multitude of combinations

Tasks often become complex due to a combination of different services required:

  • Need something translated but aren’t sure the original is as good as it should be?
    We can proofread the original, and then translate the improved text.
  • Need a text translated but want it shorter and fresher than the source text?
    We’ll translate the text, then edit and tighten it so it’s just as you want it.
  • Need development of a basic concept? In several languages?
    Our writers create a text for you, and we’ll translate it into however many languages you want.

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