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Writing and translating annual reports

20 years of experience with annual reports

CLS Communication has been specialising in annual reports for 20 years. Every year, we write, edit and translate more than 100 annual reports, in both print and digital form. Regardless of whether it's an annual report or an annual review, a quarterly report or a financial report, you can count on:

  • native speaker specialist translators, editors and proofreaders
  • consistent, correct corporate and financial terminology (including IFRS)
  • reader-friendly texts
  • experienced project managers who are able to perfectly coordinate large, multilingual annual reports
  • fast service and punctual delivery, even for short deadlines
  • confidential processing of your content in a secure environment
  • state-of-the-art language technology
  • connection to your content management system (CMS)

We write, edit and translate your annual report for you.

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The power of your public image

The annual report lies at the core of your communication with the world. It is intended for a broad audience, including investors, customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Reputation and investor relations

The annual report is an important channel for building and maintaining the reputation of a company. Companies put a lot of time and energy into their annual reports every year. The report can show how a company is perceived on the market. It is intended to help strengthen relations with stakeholders, including investor relations.

Planning and coordination

An annual report is the result of cross-divisional team work. The careful coordination of internal and external processes is crucial for planning and producing the report.

Interests and messages

An annual report must meet legal and supervisory requirements. It must address the interests of stakeholders and deepen the insight of investors into your company, but also convey your messages.

Print and/or digital

A digital annual report is efficient and less expensive over the long term. It promotes a modern corporate image, reaches additional readers and provides data that can be used directly. More and more companies are publishing a digital annual report, either exclusively or in addition to the printed report.


The corporate and financial terminology in an annual report must be consistent and correct. The CLS terminology team records your corporate dictionary in your own terminology database. The translators and your employees both have online access to this database. For the financial vocabulary we provide you with our financial dictionary “Finance Plus”.

Clear and easy to understand

Clarity of content gives an impression of credibility and competence. Technical jargon, inconsistent terminology and complicated sentences have no place in an annual report. CLS has a proven track record for clarity. In conjunction with three partners, it has published a study on the clarity of letters to shareholders (in German only).

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Creating your annual report

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CLS translates annual and financial reports for clients from various industries:

CLS’s clients include companies from areas such as finance and insurance, professional services (auditing), life sciences, industry and commerce as well as legal services.

Three of our valued customers who entrust us with their annual report:








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