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Annual Report – reputation, clients and your story

Vitally Visible

Nobody would question the significance of annual reports as a vital component of corporate visibility. That, and its wide audience - employees, investors and other stakeholders – means it is the flagship of your company’s communications.

Reputation and Relations

Annual reports are basic to the creation and sustaining of a company’s reputation, and can strongly affect market perception. The effort that goes into your Report each year reflects the dedication you have to your clients and is a sophisticated aspect of investor relations.

Company Coordination

An annual report is the result of coordinated teamwork involving all company’s departments. It is essential that internal and external processes be brought together and carefully coordinated.

Stakeholders and Stories

Aside from the legal and regulatory aspects, the Report should balance what interests stakeholders with conveying your company’s message, broadening the understanding of investors and sharing experiences.

Experience and Expertise

CLS Communication has been specialising in annual and quarterly reports for over twenty years. Every year we write, edit and translate over 100 annual reports. In addition to the expertise and experience of our employees, CLS uses state-of-the-art technology to manage complex processes and maintain terminological consistency.

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