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Tips for your next translation order

Here are three tips to keep in mind when ordering translations

Translation companies are powerful partners in getting your message heard. Make sure you select one that fully understands what’s important for you and can help you define your needs — before a single word is translated.

Here are three tips to keep in mind when making translation, editing or proofreading orders:

1) Context

Share three or four important points about the translation so you and the translator are on the same page. Who is your wider audience? What language style is suitable? How expert is the readership? What tone should be struck? And it always helps to provide links to relevant websites or reference material.

2) The right translation level

Choose the right translation level for your needs. Should your order be “strictly confidential”, so only a limited group of people have access to it? Do you want your order to be processed by only in-house translators, ensuring greater continuity? Is this text even more important than usual – should you go with a premium service? Or are costs a priority?

3) Communication is key

Clear contact addresses and times smooth the process, so our project management can contact you in good time as needed.

Tying it all together

Emails are not safe and can contain errors. CLS’s Freeway online ordering takes you systematically through the key questions, ensuring that all the right information is provided and speeding up the whole process. It is also the most secure way to pass on information and files.

CLS Communication is a global provider of language services. The company’s core business is writing, editing and translation in most major business sectors. CLS has a large international network of in-house and external language specialists using the very latest technology. This enables CLS to offer clients first-class writing, editing and translation services in all languages, round the clock.

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