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Machine translation – simple style, short sentences

Translation programs are available in desktop or server-based versions. In both cases, companies have to bear in mind the time and expense involved internally in installing and maintaining the system, and it is for that reason that desktop programs are suitable only for a very small number of users. In addition, server-based installations have the advantage that the glossaries, in which terms specific to business sectors and companies are stored in order to improve translation quality, need to be maintained only at one location. They do, however, presuppose that the companies themselves have staff with the necessary knowledge of languages and systems. An Application Service Provider, on the other hand, not only operates the software but also maintains the glossaries and provides support to users. As an annual fee is charged for this service, the costs are transparent and can be compared with the savings made. Some of the translation work that would otherwise be done by human beings can be done by machine translation (MT) when, for example, the texts to be translated are internal documents for information purposes only. In other instances, MT can serve as a basis for human translation and is capable of enhancing productivity by between 30% and 40%. Another important consideration is the time saved by staff who have to communicate in a variety of languages and would ordinarily be dependent on dictionaries or on help from colleagues. The bottom line is that using MT in targeted ways can generate savings far in excess of the costs involved.

Machine translation – simple style, short sentences
Author: Hans-Udo Stadler
Periodical: Produkt Global
Issue: 1/2008

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