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LEO - not your same old dictionary

Past event
Topic: "LEO - not your same old dictionary"
LEO is one of the original pieces of the Internet. Its roots go deep into the distant past of networked data processing. This brief talk on the development of LEO takes us from the pre-Web era to the latest trends. In the early days of the Web, the LEO team was convinced that they had, with their first dictionaries, optimized the online possibilities for translation. But the situation has become more problematic and complex today. The capabilities of Web 2.0 have exploded way beyond the limitations of 10 years ago through enormous bandwidth, boosts in CPU speed and cheap storage. In addition, there is the challenge of smart phones, which require new solutions because of their small displays and touch operation. This talk will examine the impact of this evolution, and the speaker will also provide some statistics (positive ones, of course) about the business. Moreover, there will be an overview of the business approach and, in particular, of the improved method for handling the difficulties associated with inflected or conjugated words.

About the speaker:
Hans (Kili) Riethmayer is a computer specialist and a graduate of the Technischen Hochschule München (TUM), where he was at the top of his graduating class. Disclaimer: it was the first graduating class in computer science from this university, and there were only three brave souls taking the final examinations. Until 2006 his main job was as the system administrator for the IT faculty at TUM. Since 1997 LEO has been filling up the remaining time in his days. When LEO separated from TUM in April 2006 and was taken over by LEO GmbH, Riethmayer assumed the completely new challenge of running a business after 30 years of working as a salaried employee. And the challenges keep coming.

Slides (in German)