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Turkish translation, editing and writing services

Turkish is spoken by over 83 million people as a native language. In addition to Turkey, the language of sultans is spoken in Iraq, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania and other parts of Eastern Europe. Turkish is also spoken by several million immigrants in Western Europe, especially in Germany.

The Turks originated in Central Asia and Mongolia and moved steadily westward, bringing their language with them. Contact with other cultures led to expansion of Turkish, and today thousands of words are derived from Arabic and Persian, and over 5,000 from French.

In 1928 ‘Latin’ characters were adopted for written Turkish as part of a modernisation programme, replacing the Arabic-based lettering used previously.

Turkish translation services

CLS offers Turkish translation services tailored to local audiences in Turkey.

Turkish writing services

Our Turkish writers have the cultural knowledge to create copy of any style and tone.

Turkish editing services

CLS editors for Turkish are able to adapt your communications to suit any Turkish-speaking target audience. Find out more about:

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