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Tamil translation, editing and writing services

Tamil is an official language in three countries: India, Sri Lanka and Singapore. It is also spoken as a minority language in Canada, Malaysia, Mauritius and Burma.

Tamil has a tradition of literature going back over more than two millennia. Its long history has earned it recognition as a classical language by the Indian government. The Nannul, a 13th-century work on the grammar of the Middle Tamil language, continues to form the basis for literary written Tamil today.

Modern written and Tamil have both evolved to incorporate influences from European languages. Features of modern Tamil include European-style punctuation and the use of consonant clusters not found in Middle Tamil.

There are differences between the various dialects of Tamil, so for instance a lot of the vocabulary and grammar used by speakers in Sri Lanka is different from the forms heard in India.

CLS Communication provides Tamil translation, writing and editing services.

Tamil translation services

CLS Communication offers Tamil translation services that are adapted to the different audiences.

Tamil writing services

Our team of Tamil writers can adapt your copy to your particular country and market. For instance, we can produce different versions for the Indian and Sri Lankan markets.

Tamil editing services

CLS editors for Tamil are able to create different versions of your text depending on the market. So if you want to reach audiences in, say, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia, let us help you!

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