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Swedish translation, editing and writing services

Swedish is a Germanic language with around 10 million native speakers. It has its roots in Old Norse, the language of the Vikings

Apart from Sweden, the main country where it is spoken is Finland, where around 290,000 people have Swedish as their mother tongue. This includes the 25,000 Swedish speakers in Ăland, an autonomous province under Finnish sovereignty. Swedish is also spoken by significant minorities in the USA, Spain, United Kingdom and Canada.

Swedish has two main forms: Standard Swedish, spoken more or less universally in Sweden; and Finland Swedish, a closely related group of dialects spoken in Finland by Finns with Swedish as their mother tongue.

CLS Communication provides Swedish translation, writing and editing services.

Swedish translation services

CLS Communication offers Swedish translation services from native speakers with local knowledge.

Swedish writing services

Our team of Swedish writers can ensure that you receive accurate, carefully crafted copy for Swedish-speaking audiences.

Swedish editing services

CLS editors for Swedish are able to adapt your text so as to make the best possible impact on the target audience.

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