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CLS Communication translates, writes and edits Spanish texts.

A world language

The appeal of Spanish comes not only from its sounds; an impressive tally of nearly half a billion people worldwide speak it as their first or second language. This means that if you can communicate in Spanish, you can tap into a huge pool of potential customers.

Hola, ¿qué tal? As a world language, Spanish holds tremendous appeal. Many people are enchanted simply by the way it sounds, which varies considerably between countries and regions. The language is of course spoken in its country of origin – Spain – and Latin America, but also in the USA, Belize, Morocco, Equatorial Guinea, the Philippines and Western Sahara. In all, some 447 million people speak Spanish as a first or additional language.

Spanish or Castilian?

Spanish is also known as Castilian; the two terms are used synonymously. Particularly in Latin America, people do not ask “¿Hablas español?” (Do you speak Spanish?), but rather “¿Hablas castellano?”.

Castilian was originally a northern Spanish dialect spoken in and around the city of Burgos. The Castilian people played a leading role in the Reconquista, the reconquest of Christian Iberian territories from the Moors. As such, Castilian prevailed over the other Iberian Romance variants from the mid-11th century onwards.

Spanish and English

Spanish and English share many words with Latin roots. Speakers with a good command of English can recognise many Spanish words. It is estimated that native English speakers can recognise around 3,000 Spanish words.
More and more people can speak Spanish these days. This upward trend could take the number of Spanish speakers past the 600 million mark as soon as 2050.

A former language of diplomacy

Until the 18th century, diplomats tended to speak to each other not in French, but in Spanish.

Aside from Latin, Arabic has had the greatest influence on the Spanish language – although these days that role has been taken over by English.

According to estimates by North Carolina Central University, Spanish could become the majority language of the USA within the next 50 years. This means that at least 50% of US the population in the US would speak Spanish as their first language.

A popular foreign language

According to Wikipedia, Spanish is one of the most popular foreign languages for people in Europe and America to learn. There are two main variants: Spanish as spoken in Spain and Latin American Spanish.

The differences between these are similar to those between British and American English. People can understand each other without difficulty but sometimes use different vocabulary – for example, a computer is called an “ordenador” in Spain, but a “computadora” in Latin America. Some words are also pronounced differently, for example those containing the letters "c" and "s": in Spain, these are lisped (depending on the region and the vowel that follows), but in Latin America they are always pronounced as a normal “s”.

An official and working language

Spanish is an official and working language in many countries on different continents. Spanish is one of the six official languages of the United Nations (UN) and its specialised agencies, along with English, French, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.
Spanish is also an official and working language of the European Union (EU) and the Organisation of American States (OAS).

CLS Communication translates, writes and edits Spanish texts.

Translations into Spanish

Whether you are operating in the Spanish, Mexican, Central and South American or Caribbean markets, CLS is comfortably at home in the Spanish-speaking world. Its specialist Spanish translations meet the needs of different target groups and markets in every respect. The translators are all native speakers who will ensure that your message hits its mark – anytime, anywhere.

Writing in Spanish

Do you need an original text in Spanish? With CLS you have an experienced partner at your side. CLS employs Spanish copywriters who will quickly get to grips with your requirements. They have the knowledge and skills to write texts that will achieve precisely what you want.

Editing Spanish texts

Are you looking to make your Spanish texts really hit the mark? Then let the language experts at CLS help you. They will revise and correct your texts, for an end-result that is perfect in terms of both content and style.

CLS offers expert language services for Spanish in the following areas:

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