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Italian translation, editing and writing services

Ciao! Are you reading this after drinking your morning espresso, cappuccino or latte? The Italian language has lent the world many such culinary delights (and the words for them), as well as a host of musical, medical and banking terms.

Italian has official language status not only in Italy, but in Switzerland, San Marino and the Vatican City as well. Taking into account people who have Italian as their mother tongue in other European states (Croatia, France, Malta, Monaco, Slovenia ), the number of Italian speakers in the EU is around 65 million people. Plus there are some 20 million other speakers elsewhere in the world, particularly in Australia and the Americas.

CLS Communication provides Italian translation, writing and editing services.

Italian translation services

CLS offers Italian translation services that are tailored to audiences in Italy and Switzerland and other countries where Italian is used.

Italian writing services

Our Italian writers have the local market and cultural knowledge to produce copy for a specific audience, be it in Italy, Switzerland or elsewhere in the world.

Italian editing services

CLS editors for Italian are able to adapt your communications to suit a particular audience. So if you need different versions to reach readers in Italy or Switzerland, we can help!

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