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CLS Communication translates, writes and edits texts in Italian.

Not just a local language

Italian is the native language of around 65 million people worldwide. Italian is spoken not only in Italy but also in the border regions of Switzerland, especially in Ticino and Graubünden. San Marino and the Vatican City are other locations where Italian is the official language. Italian is also spoken on a regional basis in Slovenia and Croatia, as well as in Libya, Somalia and Eritrea, which are former Italian colonies in Africa. In addition, there are large communities of Italian immigrants in North and South America, especially in New York, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, as well as in the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland.

A popular foreign language

Italian ranks only 21st on the list of the world’s most-spoken languages. But it ranks fourth worldwide in terms of the most popular foreign languages to learn. (Only English, Spanish and Chinese are learned more as a foreign language).

Why is Italian so popular as a foreign language? It’s quite simple: Italian is very melodious and graceful. And it also calls to mind a lifestyle full of leisure, the so-called dolce far niente, and a world of good food, fine art and high culture.

The language of classical music

From adagio to soprano to vibrato: Italian has become part of classical music more than any other language. The reason is that Italian musical notation was widely popularised during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. In addition, Italian is the most important language for opera. The world’s most famous opera singers have mostly been Italian: Enrico Caruso (1873–1921), Luciano Pavarotti (1935–2007), Andrea Bocelli (born 1958), Cecilia Bartoli (born 1966) and many more.

Spaghetti & co.

Italian food is known throughout the world, and is loved by most people, young and old. The main feature of traditional Italian cuisine is its simplicity: Most of the dishes consist of just a few ingredients. For Italian cooks, what counts is the quality of the ingredients, not the quantity. And most recipes are created not in the fine restaurants of master chefs, but at home in grandmother’s kitchen.

Major economic power

Italy has the third largest economy in the Eurozone. The major industries include: tourism, construction, automobile and machinery manufacturing, furniture, food, textiles and clothing.

In terms of economic geography, Italy is divided in two, between the highly developed north and the less developed south. In northern Italy there are areas that enjoy full employment, while in many parts of the south the jobless rate is more than 20%.

When it comes to fashion or cars, Italian companies and brands stand out: Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Maserati, as well as Armani, Benetton and Versace – Italy’s fashion and car designers are among the most sought after and best in the world.

Expanding to Italy?

It takes a knowledgeable and reliable partner for a company to bring its products and services to the complex Italian market. A partner who understands the Italian language and its nuances as well as Italy’s business culture.

CLS Communication translates, writes and edits texts in Italian.

Translating into Italian

CLS can translate your foreign-language texts into Italian. We take into account the features and requirements that are specific to the market and country. Our experienced translators will have no difficulty in addressing your target audience in Italy or Switzerland. You’ll be impressed!

Writing in Italian

The team of Italian copywriters at CLS can also draft high-quality copy for you and your customers for a wide variety of industries. Give us your expectations and objectives, and we will make sure that your message gets through in terms of both content and style.

Editing Italian texts

Do your Italian texts have to meet the highest standards? The language experts at CLS can edit your texts and fix any weak spots. They will deliver a final product that will satisfy your needs.

CLS offers expert language services for Italian in the following areas:

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