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Hindi translation, editing and writing services

Modern Standard Hindi, to give it its official name, is a standardised form of the Hindustani language. Although it is one of some 22 official languages of the Republic of India, it is by far the most widely spoken. Urdu, another widely-spoken language in India, is very similar - according to many it is at most a dialect - and Hindi and Urdu speakers combined form the fourth largest language group in the world. Hindi derives much of its formal and technical vocabulary from Sanskrit, a language over 3,000 years old.

The vocabulary of Hindu contains a substantial number of loan words from Persian, Arabic and English.

Although English is quite widely spoken, and is in fact an official language of India, Hindi is increasingly spoken in the world of business and finance in India.

Hindi is written in Devanāgarī lettering (यहाँ अब), which is over a 1,000 years old.

Fans of Bollywood will be familiar with Hinglish, which is increasingly common, and, as its name suggests combines words from both English and Hindi seamlessly in the same sentence.

Hindi translation services

CLS offers Hindi translation services tailored to local audiences in India.

Hindi writing services

Our  Hindi writers have the cultural knowledge to create copy of any style and tone.

Hindi editing services

CLS editors for Hindi are able to adapt your communications to suit any audience.

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