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Looking for English into German translators?

German translation, editing and writing services

CLS Communication provides German translation, writing and editing services German is the most widely spoken first language in the European Union. Worldwide, there are around 97 million native German speakers, and a further 80 million non-native speakers. German has official language status not only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland but in other European countries such as Belgium, Italy (South Tirol), Liechtenstein and Luxembourg.

German translation services

CLS offers German translation services that are tailored to audiences in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and other countries where German is used.

German editing services

CLS editors for German are able to adapt your communications to suit a particular audience. So if you need different versions to reach readers in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, we can help!

German writing services

Our German writers have the local market and cultural knowledge to produce copy for a specific audience, be it in Germany, Switzerland, Austria or elsewhere.

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