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CLS Communication translates, writes and edits English texts

English is turning the world into a village

English here, English there, English is spoken everywhere! English is omnipresent, be it on television, in advertising, in the cinema or in the newspaper. No other language can rival its reach (even though Mandarin Chinese has the most native speakers). More than a billion people have at least a basic command of English. If you want to communicate your message to as many people as possible, there is no avoiding English.

There are around 360 million native English speakers worldwide, and half a billion people speak English as a second language. This illustrates the success of English as a lingua franca for international trade, tourism and global relations. English is also relatively easy to learn, in sharp contrast to Chinese. The inescapable nature of US pop culture helps seal the dominance of English on the world stage. For many, English is still synonymous with the chance of a better life.

A world language

English is without doubt a world language. It dominates the internet, science and much of the mass media. The position of English is also strengthened by the fact that many languages are threatened with extinction. It is estimated that by 2100, approximately half of the world’s current 7,000 languages will have disappeared.

Essential English

These days, pretty much anyone with anything about them speaks English, or at the very least understands it. At the same time, many English words have been universally adopted: meeting, brainstorming, call centre, digital native – the list goes on! This means that a basic familiarity with English is almost inevitable in large swathes of the population.

In countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway, English is taught as the first foreign language. Children learn the language of Shakespeare at a very early age. In these countries, TV programmes are also normally broadcast in the original language with subtitles. However, when precision is required in a language like English, it still makes sense to entrust your texts to a language professional – which means to a native speaker.

CLS Communication translates, writes and edits English texts.

Translations into English

Translating specialist texts into English is part of CLS’s core business. CLS’s translators are proven experts in their fields and work exclusively into their native languages. With CLS at your side as a language service provider, you can rest assured that your messages will be communicated efficiently. CLS translates from any language of the world into English.

Writing in English

Writing English texts is not for everyone (even for native speakers). CLS has proven experience here: its English copywriters write to your instructions, creating content that will impress your customers and business partners.

Editing English texts

The language experts at CLS put your English texts through their paces. The editing process polishes both content and style, and the result is a flawless text combining accuracy with readability.

CLS offers expert language services for English in the following areas:

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