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Danish translation, editing and writing services

Goddag! Spoken by around six million people, Danish is the national language of Denmark, an official language of the Faroe Islands and widely used in Greenland. There are also communities of Danish speakers in the region of Germany bordering Denmark (Schleswig Holstein) and in the Americas.  Over one-quarter of Danish speakers live in or near Copenhagen.

While the number of Danish speakers in the world is relatively small, Danish products certainly get around the world. Many of us will have played with Lego and listened to Hans Christian Andersen tales as a child; others will have spread their bread with Lurpak and supped a Carlsberg. But few of us – apart from products and a smattering of Viking place names – would know any Danish words.

CLS Communication provides Danish translation, writing and editing services.

Danish translation services

CLS offers Danish translation services that are tailored to audiences in Denmark, the Faroes, Greenland and other countries where Danish is used.

Danish writing services

Our team of Danish writers have the local market and cultural knowledge to produce copy for a specific audience, be it in the Faroe Islands or the Americas.

Danish editing services

CLS editors for Danish are able to adapt your communications to suit a particular audience. So if you need different versions to reach Danish readers in Schleswig Holstein, we can help!

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