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Freelancers and agencies

What kind of freelancers are we looking for?

As a full language service provider, CLS Communication frequently requires the services of freelancers - translators, interpreters, reviewers, editors, copywriters, transcribers, proofreaders, DTP freelancers, etc.

What we expect from you

CLS Communication expects an excellent quality of content and service, good technical skills, the ability to meet deadlines and respect for confidentiality.

What you can expect from us

CLS Communication offers varied and interesting work in many sectors and industries. When working on a project with us, our expert project managers will be at hand to support you throughout the project.

Take the next step

Fill in the online application, and we’ll get  in touch with you. Later you'll be asked to submit a test translation or samples of your work. If the test/sample meets our expectations, we'll agree terms and you'll be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. You will then receive our welcome package so you are prepared for your first project.

For more information about working with CLS Communication please contact our Freelancers and Agencies department at