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Translating healthcare documents

CLS offers healthcare translation services for patient reports, education, medical claims, drug clinical trialsDocumentation in the global healthcare industry is demanding and stringent. It has to be precise, on time and tailored to individual markets and audiences.

Our local translators and linguists understand your range of target cultures and will write patient-facing material that is easy to understand and culturally sensitive. We can adapt texts to your target audience, for example different content and tone for patients and medical staff.

Translation services for the healthcare sector

CLS is experienced in writing, editing and translating the following text types for healthcare:

  • Application forms
  • Brochures
  • Consent forms
  • Healthcare software localisation
  • Studies and papers
  • Medical claims
  • Medical device manuals
  • Instructions for use (IFUs)
  • Medical forms and records
  • Pathology reports
  • Patient education materials
  • Patient information forms
  • Patient reports
  • Translation and back translation of informed consents for drug clinical trials
  • Marketing communication texts

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