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Clinical research documents

Your clinical research translation and writing projects require speed, accuracy and confidentiality. Our team will guarantee absolute discretion while ensuring your projects move seamlessly through each phase of the trials.

CLS provides medical translation and writing services to pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organisations (CROs) throughout the world. Our medical writers and translators are specialists in this very complex therapeutic field and have many years' experience in translating clinical research and clinical trials. To ensure the highest levels of accuracy, we provide add-on linguistic services such as back-translations, medical checks, quality assurance and linguistic validation.

Specialist translation services for clinical research

We translate a wide variety of medical documents and related clinical research documents:

  • Adverse events
  • Case report forms (CRFs)
  • Clinical protocols
  • Doctor and patient guides
  • Drug study labels
  • Informed consent forms (ICFs)
  • Patient and clinician education materials
  • Patient diaries and interpretations
  • Patient information leaflets (PILs)
  • Patient reported outcomes (PROs)
  • Regulatory documents
  • Scales and quality of life (QoL) instruments

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