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Life science translation and writing services

Translation, editing and writing for life science

The life science sector has grown into a vast range of cutting-edge technologies and industries – including biotech, pharma, healthcare, medical devices, chemicals and nutrition – where accuracy and quality are vital to a successful product launch.

Whatever your speciality, you can be assured that our language services are also driven by the highest standards of accuracy and quality – CLS Communication’s quality management systems have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038:2006 certification.

By recognising and understanding the diverse needs of this very important sector, we have built excellent working relationships with some of the world’s largest life science companies. Our clients include Emmi Schweiz AG, Galenica, Genzyme GmbH, Lonza AG, Nestlé SA and Novartis.

Life science translation

In a highly regulated industry, accurate, prompt and compliant translation is vital to ensure that your product moves smoothly through its life cycle from development and regulatory approval to a successful launch.

CLS translators offer fast, precise and confidential translation services for the life science industry.

Life science writing

To win market share in an increasingly global sector, you need your life science writing to be sensitively and accurately localised.

CLS writers have the local market, industry and cultural knowledge needed to produce copy tuned to a specific audience, whether in the US, Europe, Asia or elsewhere in the world.

Life science editing

Your written presence – in press articles, journals, online – requires not only accurate, high-quality content but also professional communication.

CLS editors can quickly adapt your communications into error-free, print-ready texts suitable for your specific target audience.

Areas of expertise

CLS offers specialist writers, editors and translators for the following areas:

Additional services

We offer additional services for life science beyond our core areas of writing, editing and translating. Our standardised processes – which are ISO-certified – ensure consistently high quality for the following:

Specialist resources

We provide language specialists with expertise in your field and up-to-date knowledge of the regulatory landscape. Our experts include:

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