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Annual reports

Clarity. Accuracy. Readability.

The annual report is arguably the most important document a company publishes. It greatly influences a company’s image and reputation, and recounts the events and developments over the entire year. It is vital that it is clear, accurate and readable and that it adheres to financial regulations.

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  • Experience: We manage the annual reports of over 90 companies around the world
  • Readability: CLS Communication’s professionals can create the right style for each section of your report, from clear and formal text to a flowing narrative
  • In-depth know-how: Your annual report will adhere to all relevant financial regulations
  • Cutting edge technology: State-of-the-art translation memories, online dictionaries and the latest in file-management and workflow systems ensure speed, consistency and accuracy in multiple languages
  • Comprehensive service range: CLS Communication prides itself on its expertise in all phases of annual report production, from content creation, through translation, to close collaboration in the final phases of the process

Annual reports: Your company’s flagship.

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