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CLS offers translation and writing services for insurance companiesYour communication needs, comprehensively covered

With more products on offer than ever before, you need a language provider that knows how different insurance solutions work. Understanding all segments of your business – property and liability, life insurance, reinsurance, health insurance and occupational pensions – our language experts can handle texts of every kind.

  • General conditions of insurance (GCI)
  • Proposals and business plans
  • Claims forms and standard claims processing letters
  • Insurance policies and contracts
  • Affiliation contracts for collective foundations
  • Organisational regulations and plan rules
  • Deeds of foundation
  • Information on insured persons
  • Insurance certificates

Insurance translation services

CLS offers translation services for the insurance industry.

Writing services for insurance companies

Our writers have the local market and cultural knowledge needed to produce copy for a specific audience, be it in the US, Europe, Asia or anywhere else in the world.

Editing services for insurance texts

CLS editors will adapt your communications to suit any target audience.

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