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We write, edit and translate for the insurance industry

We write, edit and translate for the insurance industry

Looking for specialist insurance translators? You’re in safe hands with CLS Communication.

Our specialist translators and editors write, edit and translate for the following areas of the insurance market in particular:

  • Property insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Accident and health insurance
  • Occupational pensions
  • Reinsurance
  • Assistance

CLS Communication: delivering specialist translations to insurance companies for 20 years

Our insurance expertise did not come about by chance. CLS entered into existence in 1997 when a Swiss insurance company and a major Swiss bank spun off their language services units. Insurance has therefore been one of our specialist areas right from the outset.

Comfortable with insurance texts

Language skills and in-depth specialist knowledge: our specialist translators, editors and proofreaders are familiar with all types of insurance texts, in particular:

  • General conditions of insurance
  • Product information
  • Quotes and business plans
  • Claims forms, claims notifications, standard claims processing letters
  • Insurance policies and contracts
  • Affiliation contracts for collective foundations
  • Organisational regulations and benefit plans
  • Deeds of foundation
  • Insurance certificates
  • Text modules for insurance apps

Insurance documents in plain language

Insurance companies’ product descriptions are frequently complicated and difficult to understand, as demonstrated by the "Comprehensibility in the Insurance Industry" study (in German only). The study found that these complicated descriptions are not the fault of product complexity, but rather are down to writing style.

CLS offers software-assisted readability analysis: our language specialists check your insurance texts against measurable, objective criteria and show you how to improve their comprehensibility and impact.

CLS’s specialist editors and translators adhere faithfully to plain language rules. This approach guarantees clear and understandable texts for your customers.

Terminology for insurers

As an insurance company you offer solutions across very different classes of insurance – from car insurance to legal protection, from mortgages to fund savings plans, from professional indemnity insurance to art insurance – and for both private and corporate customers.

The more diverse the products provided, the more wide-ranging the terminology used to describe them. We help you manage your insurance terminology and company-specific vocabulary, whether in a multilingual glossary, an online specialist dictionary or an online corporate dictionary.

A central glossary or dictionary helps your staff find corporate and specialist terminology quickly and use it uniformly.

Your insurance documents are in safe hands

As an insurer you handle your customers’ personal data and are required to protect it. It goes without saying that we are fully committed to security when it comes to transmitting your documents and writing, editing and translating your texts: We handle your documents confidentially and process them in a secure environment.

Fast, on time and flexible: language solutions for every situation

Experienced specialist insurance translators, insurance terminology, guaranteed data security – these are all key quality criteria when you as an insurer are looking for the right language services provider.

Every bit as important as first-class quality is the knowledge that your language services provider meets its deadlines and can handle complex multilingual orders without difficulty. Our project managers take care of your requirements and always find a solution.

  • CLS delivers on schedule – even when faced with large volumes and tight deadlines
  • We are flexible: on request we can work for you around the clock or even on your premises

Writing, translating, proofreading, editing for insurance companies

Got to get your revised terms and conditions translated urgently into French and German? Have a new insurance app that needs proofreading? Want to check how easy your forms are to understand?

We are here to help!

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