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We write, edit and translate your corporate communications for you

Translation services for your corporate communications

From press releases and image brochures to your website, your company uses a variety of channels to constantly keep in touch with its internal and external stakeholders.

CLS Communication will help you with this. We can write, edit and translate for your company. Enjoy these benefits:

  1. First-class texts and professional translations for your corporate communications
  2. In-depth industry expertise
  3. Fast service and punctual delivery, even for large and complex projects
  4. Your documents processed confidentially in a secure environment
  5. Flexibility: on request, we can work around the clock and on your premises
  6. One-stop shop for linguistic services for corporate communications

We offer you thoroughly integrated communications:

  • Writing, translating and editing for all corporate communication text types
  • Consistency, clarity and measurable efficiency
  • For your digital content: language services and development and testing

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Our text types for your corporate communications

We will help you strengthen your reputation and brand with convincing communications, both internally and externally, whether through print or digital channels. As a language service provider, we cover all the text types you use for your corporate communication. In particular:

  • Press releases
  • Corporate brochures, image brochures
  • Company portraits
  • Mission statements
  • Internal and external newsletters
  • Staff magazine
  • Web content
  • Customer correspondence
  • Financial statements, annual reports, quarterly reports
  • Corporate social responsibility reports

The more channels you use, the more crucial consistency is. We harmonise texts so that your company's image is unmistakable:

  • You can also choose to have a personal team of project managers and language experts look after your corporate texts
  • We will produce language and style guides for your company – so that your internal and external authors, translators and editors all speak the same language
  • We will produce and update your online corporate dictionary so that you can look up technical terms and corporate terminology at the click of a mouse
  • Modern tools mean that we translate your texts consistently

As a language service provider, we cover all the text types you use for your corporate communication.

Writing clearly – for measurably efficient communications

When writing, editing and translating your corporate texts, we will faithfully follow the rules for writing clearly. Clear texts tailored to the target group will convey credibility and expertise, in keeping with your corporate communications.

Our language experts work exclusively into their respective mother tongue. They know your sector inside and out and understand the market and cultural background of your target audience.

A knowledge of the local market is particularly important for corporate communication texts. These texts often require localisation or transcreation, rather than just straight translation. This is the only way to get your message across to readers in your target market.

  • Customer correspondence: The conventions relating to starting and ending letters differ according to the language and sometimes even the country. A literal translation would confuse readers of the target language. This is where localisation comes in. When translating greetings and sign offs, our language experts won't use literal translations; they'll follow the conventions of your target market.
  • Claims: Claims convey a targeted message and play with images and language. Very rarely can they be translated word for word. In the transcreation process, our language experts create an entirely new claim in the target language. They focus on the message and impact of the claim, not the way in which it's formulated in the source language.

CLS is a proven specialist in clarity. In conjunction with three partners, it has published a study on the subject of clarity and plain language (in German only). We would be happy to check your corporate communication for clarity and readability. Our Readability Services will help your messages reach their audience in a more targeted and efficient way than ever before.

Our Readability Services provide you with the following benefits:

  • Linguistic quality: Our language specialists check your corporate communications against measurable, objective criteria and show you how to improve them
  • Communication controlling and reporting: With the help of our clarity analyses, you can measure and see the effectiveness of your communications and multi-channel strategy using KPIs
  • Advice on the clarity and readability of your corporate communications
  • Training on how to write clearly

For your digital content: Language services and development and testing

We can help you digitalise your offering by writing, editing and translating content for all your digital channels and devices. Would you like to digitalise, categorise and automatically generate content? We will produce and translate text components for your content management system: in multiple languages, using your corporate and technical terminology, keeping to the required text length and in a way that is linguistically convincing.

Would you like your website's search engine optimisation (SEO) to consistently reach your target markets? We will research the right keywords and write the websites for your target markets, including meta descriptions and page titles. As part of the Lionbridge Group, we can provide you with technical support by developing and testing your web and mobile applications for you.

We will produce and translate text components for your content management system.

CLS Communication – for your multilingual corporate communications

Are you looking for a language and technical professional to write your press releases? Do you need your new image brochure in all your company's languages as quickly as possible? Would you like us to edit your corporate website to sound less technical?

We can write, edit and translate your corporate communication for you.

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