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Translation services for the consulting industryYour industry spans many areas. Your language partner needs to be familiar and experienced with them all

CLS Communication has a long track record of working with consultancy firms like yours, and a thorough understanding of the different areas - from business and strategy advisory through to audit and tax consulting. Whatever the nature of your text, you can be confident that the final product will be clear, accurate and of the highest quality.

  • General terms and conditions
  • Reports on advisory mandates
  • Management letters
  • Auditors' reports
  • Functional directives

Translation services for the consulting industry

CLS offers translation services for consultancy firms.

Writing services for consultancy firms

Our writers have the local market and cultural knowledge needed to produce copy for a specific audience, be it in the US, Europe, Asia or anywhere else in the world.

Editing services for consultancy firms

CLS editors will adapt your communications to suit any target audience.

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