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Writing and translating Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs)

We can help you with UCITS KIIDs

With UCITS IV, Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) replace simplified prospectuses. KIIDs have to be written clearly and follow a defined format:

  • Concise and non-technical language for retail investors
  • A KIID for every sub-fund and share class
  • Only two pages and regularly updated
  • Two charts with specific content
  • In at least one of the official languages of the countries where the products are sold

Writing and translating KIIDs

CLS Communication has gained an in-depth understanding of the requirements for KIIDs. We have a team of writers and translators who specialise in the legislation. These experts are supported by our readability specialists, editors and dedicated project managers.

Plain language requirements

In addition to translating your KIIDs, we make sure the tone and style of the language are appropriate. CLS can help you ensure that your KIIDs are drafted clearly and in simple language, and that they include the information required by the UCITS IV regulations.

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