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Our financial writers and translators help you comply with regulations

Today's fast-paced regulatory environment sees a constant stream of initiatives and reforms. You need to ensure that your documents follow defined formats and comply with all relevant regulations, from KIID requirements for UCITS funds to IFRS-compliant financial reporting.

Writing and translating to meet regulatory requirements

  • At CLS Communication, we make it our business to fully understand the implications of regulatory developments, including UCITS KIIDs.
  • We are preparing for the rollout of the KID regulation for PRIIPs, due to take effect on 31 December 2017.
  • We have a premium team of writers and translators who specialise in ongoing and new legislation (Basel III, Solvency II).
  • CLS is familiar with the requirements under Series 16 of the SEC for distributing research reports in the US.
  • Our specialist translation teams ensure that your financial reports comply with IFRS.

Specialist translators and proofreaders

CLS has many years of experience in providing specialist translations for compliance departments. Our expert teams are supported by dedicated project managers.

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