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CLS Communication has many years’ experience handling writing and translation projects for corporate and industry clients. In this section our in-house bloggers – specialist writers and translators – provide wisdom and insights that will help you get your message across.


When you advertise for your company, you have a clear goal: you want to sell your company and its products and services to your target groups.

Global On-Page SEO Optimization
Lionbridge’s Director of Global Search & Marketing, Aoife McIlraith, discusses the importance of on-page optimization.
digital annual report

The end of one annual report heralds the start of the next. Barely is one report finalised before planning on the next one begins.

The CX Factor

As challenger companies drive digital transformation in the financial services and insurance sector, optimizing the customer experience (CX) has become crucial to survival in the face of this n

Localization Trends 2017

In the digital age, marketing teams at global companies face new challenges when it comes to managing multilingual content—with heavily regulated industries, such as financial services, facing

How to keep your website texts fresh and up-to-date

A sense of déjà vu is not what you want people experiencing when they visit your website and read the same text for the third time.

Tips for getting your web content written

The theory sounds simple: make sure that the content of your website is fresh, clear and useful.

Corporate language: style guides, terminology management

What is the current state of your corporate language? Have you defined your tone of voice? Or does everyone write in their own style?