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About us

CLS Communication is a part of Lionbridge, the largest localisation and translation services provider in the world. CLS and Lionbridge have been operating in the market for over 20 years, building solid, long-term relationships with clients based on quality solutions.

Our unique knowledge pool comprises in-house staff ─ translators, editors, copywriters, terminologists, project managers and technology experts ─ with years of professional experience in their specialist areas. In addition, you benefit from our extensive network of external language specialists.

CLS combines global reach with local presence. Our writers, editors and translators know the culture and speak the language of your target market. They deliver your message in a way your audience understands – so you enhance the value of your brand and bring your products to market more quickly.

Professional translation and language services for your business

Complete solutions for complex tasks

CLS Communication offers a comprehensive range of services for end-to-end multilingual text management, encompassing everything from copywriting and translation to design and layout. In addition, we are the ideal partner for large and ongoing projects – something we are doing successfully for an increasing number of clients.

At home in your industry

CLS Communication specialises in the financial, insurance and life science sectors. We also have many years of experience in a wide range of other sectors. This means you benefit from the expertise of language professionals fluent in the language and terminology of your industry. We create and maintain terminology databases specifically tailored to your company’s business.

A leader in translation technology

CLS Communication uses state-of-the-art technology, bringing many advantages to our clients. Our translation memories guarantee that identical text passages are translated quickly and consistently, while our machine translation tools will translate e-mails and other simple texts for you in seconds.

Digital marketing and regulatory expertise

As part of the Lionbridge group, CLS has the global scale and technological ability to offer a whole array of digital marketing services to help clients meet the challenges of digital transformation – including integration with content management systems and global marketing services.

At the same time, we are deeply rooted in all sectors and have the knowledge to ensure you meet all regulatory requirements.

Strict security requirements

All our systems comply with the exacting security requirements of banks and other institutions that handle sensitive data. Your files are protected in a secure environment at all times.

We write, edit and translate your business documents - any language, any volume

Major milestones in CLS's history

In 1997 CLS was founded as a spin-off from a major Swiss bank by Doris Albisser, and in 2003 new locations in Europe, North America and Asia were added.

In 2009, CLS Communication acquired Scandinavian Translators in Denmark and Lexi-tech International, Canada's leading language services provider.

In 2013, the company acquired technical documentation translation specialist 4-Text, based in Berlin.

In January 2015, CLS Communication was acquired by Lionbridge, the world leader in translation and localisation services.

Global presence, local relevance: Better equipped than ever to meet your language needs

The combining of the resources and experience of Lionbridge and CLS Communication means CLS can offer an even wider range of services, with access to a vast pool of knowledge and expertise.